Merry Christmas Around the World Game

Can you match the words ‘Merry Christmas’ to the correct country’s language?

The game is great for a Christmas party or event. It is always a big hit with children, promotes learning and is suitable for ages 5 and above.

How to Play This Game?

  • Print off as many copies as you need (but only one answer key)
  • Grab a Pen or Pencil
  • Set a Timer
  • Each player tries to guess which language the word ‘Merry Christmas’ is written in on the left of the sheet
  • The player that finishes first with all answers correct – Wins!
  • If the timer runs out, the player with the most correct answers wins.

How to Print This Game?

Here’s a preview, you can download the high-def PDF further down or click on the image…

Merry Christmas Around The World GameThe download link is located below. You can also click on any image in this post for a direct link. Once clicked, it will open in a new tab and enable you to print from the top right corner.

The Answer Key Is also included in the download if you need a copy.

All of the games on Countdown UK are free for personal use – Enjoy!




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We hope you loved playing this Christmas words around the world Game. If you have any questions or game requests please leave us a message in the comments below…

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