Pass the Present

This is a fantastic ‘Pass the Parcel style’ Christmas game that is suitable for families, and groups big or small! Kids love it, and it can also be adapted to an adult version with funny prizes! 

What Will I Need to Play This Game?

  • A Print out of the Dice Move Rules
  • 1 Dice
  • Presents – wrapped in layers (like pass the parcel) 

The game can be played with any amount of presents. There can be one to fight over, one present for each player, or a mixture of naughty and nice gifts (in any quantity).

How to play this Game

  1. Print out the Dice Rule Sheet
  2. To begin, take turns rolling the dice (from youngest to oldest)
  3. When someone rolls a 6, they pick up a present of their choice until all presents are picked up. (you can use as many presents as you like)
  4. The Game then begins and everyone starts rolling the dice
  5. You must do the command on the sheet that corresponds with the number you roll
  6. Each player has 10 rolls in total
  7. If you unwrap the last layer, you win!
  8. Otherwise, once the last player has rolled their last roll, whoever is left with their gifts gets to keep them

How to Print this Game

The download link is located below. You can also click on any image in this post for a direct link. Once clicked, it will open in a new tab and enable you to print from the top right corner.

Pass the Present Game

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We hope you loved playing this Pass the Present Christmas Game. If you have any questions or game requests please leave us a message in the comments below…

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