This game is super simple to play and perfect for festive family fun for all ages. Take a look at each of the cryptic emoji clues and try to guess what the Christmas song or Carol is!

Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Pictionary Game

This is the music version of Christmas Pictionary, so make sure to think of popular Christmas classic songs and Carols!

Here’s a preview, you can download the high-def PDF further down or click on the image…

Christmas Songs Emoji Printable

We’ve had so much fun with this guessing game and think it will be a huge hit at your Christmas parties this year.

How to Play Christmas Songs Emoji Pictionary

1 – Print off as many copies of the game as needed  – 1 per player or team.

2 – Remember to print off only one set of answers if downloading multiple copies of the game, as you won’t need more than one.

2 – Grab a Pen for each player or team.

3 – Players then attempt to guess and write down the Christmas-related movies based on the sequence of emojis shown.

4 – Players gain one point for every correct answer, and the first player or team to finish, wins!

We also have Christmas idioms Emoji Pictionary and Christmas Movies Emoji Pictionary if you want to try your luck at some more festive questions.

How to print this Game

The download link is located below. You can also click on any image in this post for a direct link. Once clicked, it will open in a new tab and enable you to print from the top right corner.

The answer key to this game is included in the same PDF file.




Free Christmas Song Emoji Pictionary

We hope you loved playing this Christmas Game. If you have any questions or game requests please leave us a message in the comments below…

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