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Christmas Eve Box Ideas

A Christmas Eve Box is a lovely tradition that Children really enjoy. They don’t have to cost the earth and you can fill them with items you will be able to use to really get into the Christmas spirit.

What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box?

You can put anything you like in your Christmas Box.  Typically, a Christmas Eve box is filled with items that make Christmas Eve more magical such as 

new pyjamas, hot chocolate, films and books, and also items to help Santa out such as food for his Reindeer and a magic key (for those without chimneys.

Here are some ideas for things to put in a Christmas eve box that are suitable for Children, Teenagers and Adults…


Christmas Eve Box Items Suitable for Children

  • Pyjamas

These are the main thing people put in a Christmas eve box. There’s nothing like slipping into a fresh pair of Pjs. Here are all the best Matching Family Christmas Pyjamas for 2023

  • Christmas Socks

If you don’t need (or wear) pyjamas, then maybe a pair of festive socks would do. You can pick them up for between £1 – £3 per pair in many UK shops.

  • Snowman Soup

Reindeer Hot Chocolate ConeAKA Hot chocolate with marshmallows.  You can make these yourself,  or you usually find lots of local craft sellers posting them. There’s a Rudolph Hot Chocolate Reindeer Cone available at Home Bargains for £1.29

  • Reindeer Food

This simple addition is another favourite. It’s simply oats and glitter! You can pop it in a clear bag and add a label.  If you don’t want to buy it, you can get it from eBay for about £1.50

  • Christmas Book

I always pop a Christmas book in my children’s Christmas eve boxes.  I buy the 10 Christmas books for £10 deal from the works and have 6 left over to gift to other family members. 

  • Santa Key

If you don’t have a chimney, it’s a good idea to grab a magic key for Santa to be able to get in.  The children can hang it by the door for him before they retire to bed.

  • Face Mask

I stumbled across Santa and Elf facemasks in B&M for only 69p and they made a great addition to our evening. 

  • Santa and Elf Face MasksBath Bomb or Bubble Bath

Before you get into your new PJs, you’re going to have to have a bath. So why not pop in a festive bath bomb to make it even more festive.

  • Letter From Santa

You can pop in a letter from Santa, reminding your children that they need to go to sleep nice and early for him to be able to come. You can get a personalised letter from Santa for about £3 delivered on eBay

Did you know you can get a free letter from Santa via royal mail?  Find out more.

  • Chocolate or Sweets

Something small like a mini chocolate Santa as a treat always goes down well. 

  • Soft Toy

Everyone needs someone to cuddle up with in bed! 

  • Christmas Colouring Book

Something cheap to keep them busy for an hour whilst trying to pass the time.

  • Christmas Activity Pack

These can be found in most UK supermarkets and discount shops for around £1.50 and contain colours, activities and stickers. 

  • Christmas Mug

Something to put your Crhsitasm eve hot chocolate in! I always buy matching family ones from Asda, but they have loads of different styles each year and are priced from only £1.75. Check them out. 

  • Hot Chocolate bombe

Another alternative to the snowman soup or Reindeer cones is a festive chocolate bombe or stirrer. Again these are usually found in all UK supermarkets and discount websites such as Home Bargains, B&M and Poundland.  The ones below we picked up in Asda for £1.50

Asda Hoy Chocolate Christmas bombe

  • A Christmas DVD / Blu Ray

If you don’t have a subscription to a movie site, why not buy a physical copy of their favourite DVD.  For less then £5 you can get ELF or The Grinch


If you like Christmas films, check out this Christmas Movie Advent Calendar


Christmas Eve Box Items Suitable for Adults

All of the above Children’s items can also be packed into an adults Christmas eve box, but there are a few extra things you could add that aren’t suitable for kids, including…

  • A Christmas Candle

Yankee has an amazing Christmas candle range and you can always find them in boots 342 Christmas offer.

  • A Small Bottle of Wine or Prosecco

Because you deserve it!

  • Liquors

Chocolate liquors are an indulgent treat that is perfect for an adult’s Christmas eve box. 

  • Mini Baileys

How nice is a baileys hot chocolate! Buy a mini bottle to add a splash to yours, making the perfect grown-up snowman soup! 


When should you open a Christmas Eve box?

A Christmas Eve Box is usually opened and enjoyed a few hours before a child’s bedtime. They are good as a gentle encouragement to get them to go to bed but ensure you give them enough time to check out and use all the items you have put in there. 

Usually,  around 2 hours prior to their usual bedtime is a good time.  


Further Enjoy Your Family’s Christmas Eve with these Free Santa Tracking Apps & Websites


We hope this list has helped you with some ideas to fill your Christmas Eve Boxes, if you know of anything else you think should be added to the list, please let us know in the comments below… 

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