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Free Santa Letter

How to get a free letter from Santa via the Royal Mail in 2024

Children love writing out their Christmas lists to Santa, but getting a reply is even better. That’s what the royal Mail offers children all over the UK each year – and it will only cost you the price of a stamp!

How can I get a free letter from Santa from Royal Mail?

  • Write Santa’s mailing address carefully on the envelope
  • Put a 1st or 2nd class stamp on the envelope so it gets to Santa
  • Include the Child’s full name and address, plus any extra information you would like included

What is the Deadline for letters to Santa?

The final posting date is predicted to be Friday 6th December 2024, but it’s suggested to get them in as early as possible. Late November or very early December is preferable as there is always huge demand.

Santa will begin responding to letters from late November, with families told to expect a wait for a reply of around 10 days.

2024 Predicted Deadline Date: Friday 6th December 2024

Is Royal Mail Doing Free Santa letters?

Yes, Royal Mail runs a yearly free service for children to write to Santa and receive a free reply from father Christmas himself down at the North Pole.

What is Santa Claus’s Address Royal Mail?

For English Speakers:

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

For Welsh Speakers:

Sion Corn,
Ogof Sion Corn,
Gwlad Y Ceirw,

Is Royal Mail’s Santa letter Free?

Yes and No! Although there is no charge for the scheme, you will need to fork out for a stamp. It may be worth figuring out if it’s worth the costs of buying one or printing your own – as the letter would be more personalised and also guaranteed!

Free Printable (and editable) Santa Letter here

Let us know if you manage to get your hands on a free Santa Letter from the Royal Mail this year, and remember if it gets too late, or you’re worried yours won’t arrive, you can use our free printable Santa letter template as a backup.

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