Christmas Dares

If you’re looking for a free, fun and festive Christmas game then look no further. This game will have you all in stitches!

Christmas Dares is SO much fun at Christmas parties and is suitable for adults and children of all ages.

How to Play Christmas Dares

  1. Print out and cut up the Dare Cards
  2. Pop them into a container
  3. Pull dares one by one as a game in itself or as punishments for losing other games
  4. Refusal to do a dare incurs a penalty! (of the host’s choice) 
  5. Have loads of laughs! 


Christmas Dares List

  • Sing a Christmas Song like a Baby
  • Tell a Christmas Joke in a French Accent
  • Do a Fitness routine for everyone to ‘Step Into Christmas’
  • Throw a tantrum on the floor like a Naughty Elf
  • Ring 3 People, Say ‘HO HO HO‘ then Hang up
  • Do an impression of an Elf until at least 3 people laugh
  • Let someone else post you an Anti-Christmas Status
  • Ring the first M in your contacts and ask to borrow £100 for Gifts
  • Eat a Sprout covered in Marmite
  • Do a freestyle Rap about Santa
  • Take a Selfie Kissing a Christmas Decoration & post it online
  • Jump up and Down screaming ‘I’m an Idiot‘ 10 times
  • Let the last Player give you a Festive Face Tattoo
  • Text the first P in your contacts and ask them to lend you £5 for EggNog
  • Eat a Cookie Covered in Pepper
  • Tell everyone how much you love Christmas in an Italian accent
  • Text the first S in your contacts and ask them if they love Christmas
  • Swap Christmas Jumpers with someone half your size
  • Do the ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ Dance
  • Sing Frosty the Snowman with a mouthful of ice
  • Do an Impression of The Grinch for 60 seconds
  • Do a Freestyle Rap about Santa’s Reindeer
  • Make up a Festive Limerick about the Host
  • Eat a Sprout covered in Chilli Sauce
  • Recite ‘Silent Night’ in an Irish accent
  • Stand 0utside and Scream ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS‘ to everyone you see for 5 minutes
  • Let someone write ‘I LOVE Xmas’ on your head and leave it there all night
  • Write & Recite a rude Limerick about Santa
  • Tell the group How much you love Santa in a German accent
  • Post a status on Facebook saying ‘Christmas is for Losers’
  • Sit on everyone’s lap and tell them what you want for Christmas
  • Sing and Act out the 12 Days of Christmas Song
  • Sing ‘All I Want for Christmas’ with a funny makeshift Microphone
  • Balance a spoon on your nose for 30 seconds whilst acting like a Turkey
  • Go outside and sing ‘Jingle Bells’ loudly for the neighbours
  • Lip Sync and Sexy Dance to ‘Santa Baby’
  • Text your first 5 contacts asking if you can go to theirs for Christmas Dinner
  • Grab your Air Guitar and lip Sync to Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’
  • You’re a Snowman! Get Wrapped up with toilet roll by the youngest 2 players
  • You’re a Reindeer! Let all Players wearing green or red ride you


How to Print This Game?

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Free Christmas Dares Printable 
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