Match The Christmas Song Game

Can you match the lyrics to these 25 popular Christmas Song or Carol? It’s an easy-to-play game, especially for those who LOVE Christmas music!

The game is a twist on ‘guess the lyrics’ and is great for a Christmas party or event. It is always a big hit with children and is suitable for ages 5 and above.

Tip: For the younger players, it’s suggested to sing the lyric for them to make it easier.

How to Play This Game?

  • Print off as many copies as you need (but only one answer key)
  • Grab a Pen or Pencil
  • Set a Timer
  • Each player tries to guess the name of the song from the lyric on the left of the sheet
  • You can use a host to say (or sing) the lyrics or let the player read them
  • The player that finishes first with all answers correct – Wins!
  • If the timer runs out, the player with the most correct answers wins.

How to Print This Game?

Here’s a preview, you can download the high-def PDF further down or click on the image…

Christmas Song Matching GameThe download link is located below. You can also click on any image in this post for a direct link. Once clicked, it will open in a new tab and enable you to print from the top right corner.

The Answer Key Is also included in the download if you need a copy.

All of the games on Countdown UK are free for personal use – Enjoy!




We hope you loved playing this Christmas Song Match  Game. If you have any questions or game requests please leave us a message in the comments below…

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