Asda Christmas Saver Rewards

You can now Activate your Christmas Saver Pot on the App!

Unlike last year, it is available to activate nice and early this year, so that Asda shoppers can maximise their Christmas savings!

Christmas can be very expensive, so if you shop at Asda regularly, it is highly recommended to download their rewards app.

By utilising the app, you will be saving money whilst doing your usual spending, it can add up to a nice amount.

You must spend your Christmas Saver Cashpot before  December 31st 2024, or you will lose them.

How does Asda Christmas Saver Cashpot work?

Asda gives cash rewards to customers who have signed up to their App. These rewards are given for purchasing star items and completing tasks within the app. 

These rewards can either be spent throughout the year, or saved into a Christmas Cashpot. You can move your savings from your Cashpot to your Christmas Saver Cashpot as many times as you like throughout the year.

If you choose to save your earnings, You’re then able to convert your Christmas saver balance into vouchers that can be spent across Asda and George between Friday 8th November and Tuesday 31st December 2024.

You can save money in your Cashpot until Friday 3rd November 2024.

Sign up for Asda Rewards here

If you have any questions about Asda’s Christmas Rewards, please let us know in the comments below…

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