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Obsessed With Christmas?

Studies have shown that Britain is one of the world’s top 3 most festive-obsessed countries. So it’s no surprise that some of us are a little bit ‘Christmas crazy’. 

Have you ever wondered if you just REALLY like Christmas, or if you actually a little bit of a festive fanatic? 


How do you tell if you’re Obsessed with Christmas?

If more than 45 of these signs/attributes below apply to you, you are 100% certified as Christmas Obsessed…

1 – You Put the Christmas Tree / Decorations up Before December.

2 – You own a Christmas Themed Board Game.

3 – You Plan Christmas Day Like a Military Operation.

4 – You make meticulous lists for Christmas about EVERYTHING

5 – The whole house gets Christmas Bedding in December. 

6 – You make your family wear matching Christmas clothing to events.

7 – You make your family wear matching Christmas Pyjamas.

8 – You participate in Christmas in July.

9 – Summer gets on your nerves after a few weeks. 

10 – You feel depressed when your decorations come down.

11 – The house in Deck the Halls is GOALS.

12 – You have a Christmas CD for the car.

15 – You watch Christmas Films all year round.

14 – You follow a Christmas Movie Advent in December.

15 – Winter is your favourite season.

16 – You visit a Christmas Market every year.

17 – You find deals and buy Christmas gifts all year round. 

18 – You own at least two Christmas Jumpers.

19 – You drive around your town looking at other people’s light displays. 

20 – You use a Christmas Gift List Planner

21 – You Wear Christmas Pjs all year round.

22 – You dress your pets in festive clothing & buy them Christmas Gifts. 

23 –  You like Christmas themed groups, pages and/or accounts on social media like this one

24 – You cook at least 3 joints of meat over Christmas eve, day and boxing day. 

25 – You look forward to the Christmas Adverts coming on the TV.

26 – You can’t sleep on Christmas Eve due to your mind going into overdrive with a mixture of excitement and worry something will be forgotten, or go wrong. 

27 – Your house is the best decorated on the street. 

28 – If a neighbour tries to outdo your decorations, it’s GAME ON! 

29 – The thought of you or your kids being ill on Christmas day fills you with dread. 

30 – You enjoy wrapping gifts.

31 – You find it seriously hard not to tell people what you have bought them. 

32 – You get excited at Starbucks and Costa’s festive offerings. 

33 – You always have a special Christmas Eve Meal. 

34 – You know what song was Christmas number 1 on the year you were born. 

35 – You book Christmas events, parties and trips months in advance.

36 – You still write and send out Christmas Cards.

37 – You’re over 18 and STILL have an advent calendar.

38 – You use Santa tracking websites on Christmas Eve. 

39 – You eat and drink things you don’t like, just because they’re festive. (Eggnog, Sprouts, Mince pies and Mulled wine spring to mind) 

40 – You tell people you aren’t buying for them or aren’t buying as much this year…..and still do.

41 – You find Santa attractive ( *Cough* Christmas Chronicles *Cough* ) 

42 – You have been to Lapland at Christmas Time. 

43 – You have a favourite Christmas Movie that you have watched at least 10 times.

44 – You meticulously plan and cook Christmas Dinner and no one is allowed to interfere. 

45 – You watch the King’s (formerly Queen’s) Speech on Christmas Day. 

46 – You visit Winter Wonderland Every Year.

47 – You love Carol singers (or singing)

48 – You surround yourself with like-minded Christmas crazy people. 

49 – You know what N.O.R.A.D stands for.

50 – You are reading this trying to find out if you are obsessed with Christmas


Congratulations You Are Certified Christmas Crazy


Why are people Obsessed with Christmas?

There are so many reasons that Christmas is most people’s favourite time of year. Here are just a few ways Christmas makes people happy…

  • Family Get Togethers
  • Presents
  • Indulgent Foods & Drinks
  • Christmas Parties
  • Lights and Decorations
  • Christmas Music & Films

Everything about Christmas is simply magical!
50 Signs You're Obsessed With Christmas

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How many signs in the list apply to you? Let us know in the comments below…

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