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What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is an annual tradition that sees people all over the world celebrate Christmas in the middle of the year! Although much smaller than the official big day – Christmas in July is certainly catching on! 

The mid-year holiday is most commonly referred to as Christmas in July but is also known as ‘Christmas in Summer’.


When is Christmas in July 2024?

This year, Christmas in July falls on Thursday, 25th July 2024.


Why is Christmas in July a Thing?

Christmas SandManChristmas in July was first introduced in Countries such as Australia and the US by migrants who were used to a cold Christmas in the northern hemisphere and just didn’t feel like a sunny Christmas was the same. 

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, July is winter, so they can celebrate Christmas in the more traditional sense. Although, we Brits soon decided that if there were two Christmases to be had, we wanted in on it!


When To Celebrate Christmas in July

Much like Christmas in December, you can celebrate Christmas in July for the entire month, for a few days or on the official date which is the 25th! It’s entirely up to personal preference. 


What Day is Christmas in July 2024?

The day changes yearly, while the date always stays the same (July 25th).  In 2024, Christmas in July will be celebrated on a Thursday


What Countries Celebrate Christmas in July 2024?

The six main countries that celebrate Christmas in July are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Canada and the USA. 

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • UK
  • Canada
  • USA

Each country celebrates differently, and to different extents, with UK being the most recent to join in.


How do you Decorate for Christmas in July?

You don’t HAVE to decorate for Christmas in July. But you could always dig the decorations out of the loft!

If you celebrate Christmas in July, January is the perfect time to purchase decorations for your home and table!

Things such as Christmas Crackers get reduced to clear after Christmas and cost considerably less than if you have to purchase it all from somewhere like Amazon in June.


Do you give Presents for Christmas in July?

Yes, you can give gifts if that’s what you choose to do. Some opt to go full hog with decorations, gifts and celebrations while others use it as a good excuse to get together with family. 


How To Celebrate Christmas in July

If you want to celebrate Christmas in July and are wondering what things are available to do, here are 10 ways to Celebrate Christmas in July…

1 – Watch a Christmas Movie 

You can catch all of your favourite Christmas movies over on Netflix, Hallmark, Prime and Disney+ during July.

You don’t even need to own a pricey subscription to watch Christmas movies in July! Christmas24 all provide FREE Christmas Movies 24/7 throughout July! 

2 – Throw a Christmas Party

3 –  Cook a Christmas Dinner

Not that an excuse is needed to have a family roast, but a Christmas dinner is always elite! Purchase some extra crackers at Christmas (or in the January sales) decorate the table and don’t forget the pigs in blankets!

4 – Create an Elf Breakfast

5 – Listen to Christmas Songs & Sing Christmas Karaoke

6 – Host a Christmas Games Night

7 – Do Some Random acts of Kindness

This Kindness Advent Calendar is perfect for ideas. 

8 – Bake Some Festive Treats

Gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas! Nor are Yule Logs and Mince pies for that matter. 

9 – Buy or Make a Gift for Someone Lonely

There are so many lonely elderly people in the UK, so why not pick out a friend or neighbour and take them a festive treat? Perhaps some of those lovely festive bakes? I’m sure they would appreciate a cup of tea and half an hour of your time. 

10 – Plan your December Christmas

Christmas is Crazy! With multiple people to purchase gifts for, meals to plan, Christmas parties, festive activities and more, it’s always a good idea to plan in advance – and what better time than Christmas in July!

10 Christmas in July Activities

Check out these 75 things to do at Christmas, which can all be adapted for July!


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