The Ultimate Fun Christmas Quiz

Looking for some Christmas Fun? This Christmas Quiz is great to play at any Christmas Party or Family Gathering. The Questions are for all ages. We start of easy for the kids, then get a little harder for the grown ups! – Good luck Kids 😉

This Fun, Festive Quiz has 50 questions that you can answer online as the answers are hidden, alternatively, you can print off our free PDF from the bottom of this page – Enjoy!

Round 1 – Guess the Punchline

Our house Elf Jingle LOVES a good Christmas Joke, can you finish the punchline of Jingle’s Jokes?

1 – Why is Santa so good at karate?

2 – What is Santa’s favourite herb?

3 – How does Santa keep track of every fireplace he has visited?

4 – Which one of Santa’s Reindeer has the best moves?

5 – Which of Santa’s Reindeer’s favourite food is kebab?

6 – Where do Reindeer go for Coffee?

7 – What do you call a Reindeer with no eyes?

8 – What type of music do Elves love?

9 – What do elderly Elves use to get around?

10 – What would a vampire Snowman give you?


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Round 2 – Christmas Anagrams

Can you unscramble these Festive Words?

1 – LEF







8 – OYJ




Round 3 – Funny Christmas Trivia

1 – What fast food do the People of Japan prefer to eat at Christmas?

2 – Christmas was once banned in the UK – True or False?

3 – Which Festive Veggies are best known for making people have smelly farts?

4 – Which bird might you hear ‘Gobble’?

5 – What plant is popular for kissing under at Christmas?

6 – Which Elf is known for saying “I’m a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins”?

7 – In 1965, Astronauts broadcast which Christmas song from space?

8 – Which Christmas activity sends 1000s of people to A&E every year?

9 – Who is known for saying the line “Bah, Humbug!”?

10 – Who is known for saying “Hate Hate Hate Double hate, Loathe Entirely!”?


Round 4 – Finish the Christmas Lyrics

1 – Good tidings we bring to you and your ___?

2 – Dashing through the snow, In a one-horse open ___?

3 – On the sixth day of Christmas, My true love sent to me ___?

4 – You know Dasher and Dancer, And Prancer and ___?

5 – To save us all from Satan’s power, When we were gone ___?

6 – From now on our, Troubles will be out of ___?

7 – Snowin’ and blowin’ up bushels of fun, Now the jingle hop has ___?

8 – Hark now hear the angels sing, A new king born ___?

9 – Santa baby, a 54 convertible too, light ___?

10 – Well I wish it could be Christmas every day, When the kids start singing and the ____?


Round 5 – Christmas Trivia

1 – In Which Christmas Film would you see the sought-after action figure ‘Turbo Man’?

2 – 2 – What ‘K’ is a popular name for Father Christmas in the US?

3 – Which popular Christmas Drink used to be called ‘Milk Punch’?

4 – Which group sings ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’?

5 – If you were born on December 25th, what would your star sign be?

6 – How many Reindeer does Santa Claus have pulling his sleigh?

7 – Name all of Santa’s Reindeer whose name begins with ‘D’?

8 – José Feliciano sings which popular Christmas song?

9 – Which festive film features a girl named Cindy Lou Who?

10 – Which popular Christmas drink is made from red wine and spices?




Fun Christmas Quiz, Round 1 - Guess The Punchline

Round 2 - Christmas Anagrams

Funny Christmas Trivia

Finish The Christmas Lyrics

Fun Christmas TriviaWe hope you loved these Fun Christmas Quiz Questions, feel free to use the comments below to let us know how you got on, or to send in any quiz requests, we love to hear from our festive fans…

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