Christmas Riddles

It’s time to think outside the box! These Brainteasers all have a festive twist but are suitable for adults and children of all ages. How many do you think you can guess correctly? 

This Riddle Quiz has 50 questions that you can answer online as the answers are hidden, alternatively, you can print off our free PDF from the bottom of this page.

Round 1

1 – I feed the animals, but on this day instead, I was used as a newborn baby’s first bed – What am I?

2 – When does Christmas come before Halloween?

3 – I come from the sky but I’m not rain. No two pieces of me are ever the same – What am I?

4 – We make Christmas toys, for Santa to deliver to good girls and boys – Who are we?

5 – We followed a star, to bring gifts from afar – Who are we?

6 – When there’s snow, I will go – What am I?

7 – Duo coloured and minty sweet, you’ll be totally hooked on this festive treat – What am I?

8 – Born on Christmas day, on a bale of hay – Who am I?

9 – I’m not clothing. but it’s exciting to rip me off – What am I?

10 – We work one day per year, and the boss stares at our rear – Who are we?


Round 2

1 – I fly in the sky and I’m led by red – What am I?

2 – Kebabs the name, and pullings my game – Who am I?

3 – If you want to find me, I’ll be the shiny one wrapped around the tree – What am I?

4 – I’m no Sinner, and when I arrive on Christmas Eve everyone’s a winner – Who am I?

5 – I come to your house but don’t be mad, I’m watching to see who’s Good and who’s Bad – What am I?

6 – The snow is Fake, you can give me a Shake but watch I don’t break – What am I?

7 – Like Santa, I can travel around the world, but I never leave my corner – What am I?

8 – What has a lot of needles but can’t sew?

9 – What comes twice in Christmas, and once in Snowman?

10 – I’m tall when I am young, and I’m short when I am old – What am I?


Round 3

1 – Known to be fast, I’ll never be last – Who am I?

2 – I am a ball that can’t bounce – What am I?

3 – I stole all the presents on Christmas Eve night, but then my heart grew, so I set it all right – Who am I?

4 – What bites but doesn’t have any teeth?

5 – I’m a popular man that all do know, but I only come out when it starts to Snow – Who am I?

6 – They call me Carol and I like to rhyme, I contain 12 gifts to give at Christmas time – What Song am I?

7 – The birth of a baby that once has been, recreated into a beautiful scene – What am I?

8 – If the end of the year is December 31st, what is the end of Christmas?

9 – At Chiristmas these ones are eaten the most, on an open fire we’re good to roast – What am I?

10 – Used in a wreath I’ll make it look slick, but handle me carefully as your fingers I’ll prick – What am I?


Round 4

1 – I got 4 hairy toes and a shiny red nose – Who am I?

2 – In December I come, your house I adorn, I leave shortly after baby Jesus was born – What am I?

3 – I’m an alternative door, square and brown, you don’t go through me, you go straight down – What am I?

4 – Show me a ghost and I’ll buy the roast – Who am I?

5 – I look like the branch of a tree, but if you’re hungry, you can eat me – What am I?

6 – Bearded, Kind and Jolly as can be, I might even leave you something under a tree – Who am I?

7 – Once I fall from my conifer tree, people like to decorate me – What am I?

8 – You can sometimes find me sitting on a shelf, but I’m happiest making a nuisance of myself – What am I?

9 – I’m a ring but I’m not made of gold, I stay on the door outside in the cold – What am I?

10 – Cover me in Icing and sugary sweets,  you won’t see a home like this on the streets- What am I?


Round 5

1 – I get Chopped then Topped – What am I?

2 – You can’t walk through my doors with your feet,  but you can open me daily for a tasty treat – What am I?

3 – I look like I belong on your feet, but I’d rather hang around waiting for something sweet – What am I?

4 – I’m named after a foxy lady – Who am I?

5 – The inns were full in this holy town, so in a barn they bedded down – Where is it?

6 – Against Dasher, I may not win the race, but only I can fly so high I reach space – Who am I?

7 – I have wings and bring messages to be heard, but I’m not a carrier pigeon bird – What am I?

8 – I’m a dirty black rock that you do not want to find at the bottom of your sock – What am I?

9 – I come out at Christmas and I’m hard to Miss, I have the power to make people Kiss – What am I?

10 – I come in many colours, beautiful and bright. I turn your home into a beautiful sight – What am I?




We hope you loved these Christmas Riddles, feel free to use the comments below to let us know how you got on, or to send in any quiz requests, we love to hear from our festive fans…

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