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Christmas Eve Checklist

There’s so much to think about and do at Christmastime, so are you sure you have thought of everything? Here’s a Christmas Eve Checklist for you to ensure you’re on track for the perfect Christmas 2023

Christmas Eve Checklist

1 – Make Sure Everything is Wrapped

2 – Prep The Meat & Veg

3 – Hand out Christmas Eve Boxes

4 – Put out Santa’s Cookies & Milk

5 – Leave Water & a Carrot Outside for the Reindeer

6 – Charge  the Camera Batteries & Mobile Phones

7 – Fill The Stockings

8 – Chill the Drinks

9 – Make sure There’s Enough Ice

10 – Confirm Arrival Times For Guests

11 – Take Items Out of the Freezer For Defrosting

12 – Create a Christmas Playlist (or use this one)

13 – Set The Table

This saves SO much time on Christmas Day!

14 – Assemble Any Large Gifts

15 – Get Bags, Scissors & Batteries Ready

16 –  Get Any Christmas Day Entertainment Ready

Are you planning on having a chilled day in front of the TV or a busy day playing Games? either way, make sure it’s all ready.

17 – Put the Elf Away

If you participate in Elf on the Shel, make sure to hide him away, ready for next year. 

18 – Clean Away Any Clutter 

It’s always good to have a clean-through on Christmas Eve, ready to completely trash the joint the next day! 

19 – Double Check You Have Everything for Christmas Dinner

Meat, veggies, sauces (mint, cranberry, apple, horseradish) Desserts, Cream, Gravy Ingredients, Drinks, Ice, Table Decor, Crackers? 

20 – Put The Presents Under the Tree

21 – Ring Friends & Family

You might be too busy on Christmas Day, so take some time out to call around anyone you won’t be seeing on the big day.

22 – Put the kids To Bed Early

23 – Get The Christmas Day Outfits Ready

24 – Leave Santa a Thank You Note

25 – Track Santa

You and the children can spend the evening tracking Santas Journey, which is a great way to get them to bed.  Here are the best Santa Trackers


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We Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve, wherever you are and whoever you’re with! If you have any other suggestions you think we should add to this list, let us know in the comments below…

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